Friday, December 20, 2013

Theatre of War - Now Available in PDF

Theatre of War, the Piquet campaign system, is now available in PDF format for $15, payable to me via PayPal to .

Theatre of War

was written to allow miniature-based campaigns that provide

linked, tactical tabletop games with a larger meaning. In itself, this is not

a unique goal for a campaign system. However,

Theatre of War is designed to

be used with miniature collections of existing, fixed sizes (no more collecting

and painting forces for the next game just in order to meet the order of battle

requirements!) and provide an entertaining background for a campaign with a

definite result. Quite often, miniature campaigns end up as an exercise in map

movement, followed by a couple of large games as all available forces concentrate

in a clump at one map location. Inevitably, the resulting tabletop games

turn out to be games with every figure each campaign participant owns, lined

up on opposite sides and marching forward into a meeting engagement! A fatal

flaw in many campaign systems is the transition from the large campaign map

to the smaller tabletop tactical map.

Theatre of War provides a system of

determining the tactical scenario, based on decisions made by the campaign



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  1. I have it in a small printed edition, Probaily is an old one (marked stock #pk1012, about 15,3cm x 22,8cm). Is this version newer or with some improvements?