Friday, December 13, 2013

First PDF Ruleset for Sale - PKowboys

I'm now offering the very first ever Piquet PDF for sale.   The first set that I've selected and configured is "PKowboys", a skirmish level western set. The rules include all the needed play and card sheets. 

PKowboys is available for $12, and can be purchased by sending me PayPal payment to .   I'll send off the pdf when payment has been received.

From the rules -

"Pkowboys is intended to represent skirmish combat between rival gangs (outlaws, lawmen, gunslingers, and townsfolk) in the American West between 1860 and 1900.  Players represent the leaders of different gangs, or in large battles a player may act as the leader of multiple gangs."

Designer Notes

I suspect most miniatures rules sets start out the same way – the author is frustrated with the some aspect of his current rules and sets out to fix things.  I’m an exception to this rule.  I had a perfectly decent set of “gunslinger” rules that had served my gaming group well for many years.  Instead of trying to “fix” this rules set, I decided to bring some of the concepts from the Piquet rules sets to the Wild West. 
Almost immediately I was beset with the impossibility of using the Piquet initiative system with a fast and lethal combat system.  If the opposing gangs were in combat range, one side could be completely destroyed in one single initiative run.  One of the early solutions was a variable card value system where players would play cards until they had reached their points limit.  Someone joked that if the limit was set at 21, we’d be playing Blackjack!  From this moment, our series of confused gaming sessions quickly gelled into the set of rules you’re now holding.
Here are the principles behind the design of Pkowboys.  If you find a gap in the rules, use your best judgment and follow these guidelines to resolve the dispute.
  • Western combat was quick and decisive.  Gun battles lasted minutes or seconds.
  • Any shot has the chance of being lethal.
  • Many gunfighters lost their nerve and fled when under fire.
  • Leadership was as important with gangs of outlaws or lawmen as it was in large battles.
  • The Jesse James/Wild Bill Hickock Theory:  being unlucky is a bad thing no matter how good you are.
  • Gunfight tactics in a nutshell:  move into a good position and shoot like mad.