Sunday, December 15, 2013

Blunders on the Danube Scenario Book - Now Available in PDF Form

Blunders on the Danube is now available as a PDF for $15,  payable to me via PayPal to .

Peter Anderson (aka "Gonsalvo") is the author of Blunders on the Danube - a tremendous scenario book.  From his introduction in the book:

This book contains more than 20 scenarios for use with Brent Oman’s excellent rules for Wargaming in


Field of Battle published by Piquet in 2006. A new 2nd edition with a number of small but significant

changes/refinements is being released in 2011, more or less contemporaneously with this book. The scenarios range

from quite small (Klagenfurt) to enormous (Wagram). Many of these scenarios would be almost as useful for Les

Grognards, 2

nd edition, the Napoleonic module for the Piquet Master Rules for wargaming. With some effort, they

shouldn’t be hard to adapt for use with other rules systems as well.

My interest in both the Napoleonic Wars and Wargaming in Miniature began almost simultaneously more than 40

years ago. The 1809 campaign has long been a fascination of mine, and the Austrians were the second wargames

army I painted (after the French, of course). I wanted to do a really big project and run a slew of games from 1809

for the 200

th anniversary of the campaign. This lead to the formation of The Hofkreigsrat, our term (borrowed from

the famously interfering war council in Vienna) for the group of six of us that would run six games in 3 days at

Historicon 2009. The scenarios developed and playtested for that project form the core of this book, with many

additional ones added later. Blame the publication of John Gill's excellent three volume history, “1809 – Thunder on

the Danube”, for many of the additions!

1) Sacile: April 16

2) Raszyn: April 19

3) Teugen Hausen: April 19

4) Abensberg: April 20

5) Eggmuhl: April 22

6) Neumarkt; April 24

7) Grochow: April 25

8) Ebelsberg: May 3

9) Battle on the Piave: May 8

10) Tarvis: May 17

11) Aspern-Essling Day 1: May 21

12) Aspern-Essling Day 2: May 22

13) Gospic: May 21-22

14) St. Michael: May 25

15) 2
nd Battle of Bergisel: May 29

16) Klagenfurt: June 6

17) Raab: June 14

18) Graz: June 26

19) Wagram: July 6

20)Wagram: Davout’s Attack

21) Wagram: Rumble on the Russbach

22) Wagram: Crisis on the French Left

23) Znaim: July 11


  1. is this scenario set still available as a PDF from you ? Still $15 ? US$ ?

  2. Yes - the price has been reduced to $10. Payable to me via PayPal to

    1. Thanks Brent, what an excellent resource, highly recommended and easily adaptable to other game systems. Much appreciated.