Tuesday, December 15, 2015

2015 Holiday PDF Sale - Starts NOW!

The full list of available PDF's is shown below.  Standard prices and the sale prices are shown.  The sale begins today and runs through January 1.

Payment is via PayPal made to me at brentoman@q.com  .

For the first time, Field of Battle 2nd Edition is available as a PDF!

$15   (On Sale until Jan 2 for $11)
Archon 2nd Edition
Band of Brothers 2nd Edition
Anchor of Faith
Cartouche 2nd Edition
Les Grognards 2nd Edition
Hallowed Ground  2nd Edition
 Din of Battle 2nd Edition
Jump or Burn
Command Piquet
Pulse of Battle
Field of Battle 2nd Edition
Blunders on the Danube
Field of Battle: World War 1
Field of Battle: WW2
Hostile Realms

$10  (On Sale until Jan 2 for $7)
Hannibal ad Portas  (file in 3 parts due to file size)
Chef de PK
Grand Piquet
Theatre of War
Forgotten Heroes

Master Rules  (needed for playing the Piquet period supplements)