Monday, August 18, 2014

Grand Piquet 2nd Edition PDF Available

Grand Piquet 2nd Edition is now available for $12 US as a PDF file.  GPK2 can be purchased by submitting payment via PayPal, payable to me directly at .  

Grand Piquet is Jim Mauro's take on grand tactical Napoleonic gaming with the Piquet fog of war view of the battlefield.   A fairly simple game that enables very large games to be played.

From the back cover:

Many changes were made for this new edition of Grand Piquet.  The Army commander now plays a more pivotal role in the command and control of a Corps.  These formations no longer move whenver or werever they wish.  A D12 is now the basis for all initiative rolls, which effectively eliminates the need for phases, as well as mitigates the wild swings in initiative.  The Sequence decks have been radically altered.  Now there are Action cards, by type of unit (e.g. Infantry Action card), whereby there is much greater flexibility in actions taken by units.  Also, the basic Sequence deck is now made up of 20 cards, instead of 28.  The combat system is based primarily on Target type, so there are fewer modifiers to calculate.  The basic concept of "chipping" within the morale system is intact, yet there is no need to keep track of morale chips. Unit/sub unit designations are determined by numbers of men and not by regiment.  Players determine the size and make up of a unit, thereby effectively tailoring each Command Group to a particular situation or task.  These are but a few of the changes that have been made. 

Grand Piquet has never received the attention that it has deserved - give it a try; I think you'll be rewarded with a unique and fun game experience.


  1. GPK2 is unique in the Piquet/FoB family, and is well worth a look. Best for large battles with smaller (15mm or less) figures and multiple players a side, A player usually commanding a Corps.

  2. Ordered.......................I really cant help myself :-)