Friday, December 12, 2014

Holiday PDF Sale!

To help make your holiday funds go a bit further, I'm having a sale on all of the rule sets in PDF form. From now until the end of day next Friday (12/19), all sets previously $15 are $8, and sets previously $12 are $6. I may, or may not, extend or change the sale date and our prices after the 19th. So act now!

 I'm also adding new sets for availability:

Din of Battle 2nd Edition

Band of Brothers 2nd Edition

Archon 2nd Edition

Chef de PK

Field of Battle: WW2


The sale price for all items are:

Archon: $8

Band of Brothers: $8

Les Grognards: $8

Chef de PK: $6

Grand Piquet: $6

Blunders on the Danube: $8

Hallowed Ground: $8

Din of Battle: $8

Barrage with Point of Attack 20th Century: $8

Field of Battle: World War 1  $8

Field of Battle: World War 2  $8

PKowboys: $6

Theatre of War: $8

As always, please pay via PayPal to me at .

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hallowed Ground 2nd Edition Now Available as PDF

Hallowed Ground 2nd Edition is now available as a PDF file, $15 payable to me directly via PayPal to .  If you'd prefer that I send you a request for payment via PayPal, please email me and let me know and I will do so.

From the rules' introduction:

Hallowed Ground has been written and expanded to cover ground warfare from 1836 to 1878.  In essence, Hallowed Ground covers conflicts from the Texas War of Independence through the Russo-Turkish War.  With this supplement, gamers can play periods including the Mexican American War, Crimean War, Indian Mutiny, Great Paraguayan war, American Civil War, Austro-Prussian war of 1866, Franco-Prussian War, and the Russo-Turkish War.


This greatly expanded version of Hallowed Ground introduces two new game scales into the supplement: Company scale and Grand Tactical scale.  The three game scales are necessary for the period covered by Hallowed Ground due to the extremely varied types of battles and engagements possible over the 40 odd years encompassed in the supplement.  A game of a single scale cannot be expected to handle everything from a few companies of British infantry skirmishing with mutineers during the Indian Mutiny to the multiple Corps battles of the American Civil war and Franco-Prussian war.  Additionally, the three game scales provide an opportunity for the gamer to experiment with games of different scopes with his existing troops and mounting systems.  All three scales use the same basing system; there is no need for rebasing.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Grand Piquet 2nd Edition PDF Available

Grand Piquet 2nd Edition is now available for $12 US as a PDF file.  GPK2 can be purchased by submitting payment via PayPal, payable to me directly at .  

Grand Piquet is Jim Mauro's take on grand tactical Napoleonic gaming with the Piquet fog of war view of the battlefield.   A fairly simple game that enables very large games to be played.

From the back cover:

Many changes were made for this new edition of Grand Piquet.  The Army commander now plays a more pivotal role in the command and control of a Corps.  These formations no longer move whenver or werever they wish.  A D12 is now the basis for all initiative rolls, which effectively eliminates the need for phases, as well as mitigates the wild swings in initiative.  The Sequence decks have been radically altered.  Now there are Action cards, by type of unit (e.g. Infantry Action card), whereby there is much greater flexibility in actions taken by units.  Also, the basic Sequence deck is now made up of 20 cards, instead of 28.  The combat system is based primarily on Target type, so there are fewer modifiers to calculate.  The basic concept of "chipping" within the morale system is intact, yet there is no need to keep track of morale chips. Unit/sub unit designations are determined by numbers of men and not by regiment.  Players determine the size and make up of a unit, thereby effectively tailoring each Command Group to a particular situation or task.  These are but a few of the changes that have been made. 

Grand Piquet has never received the attention that it has deserved - give it a try; I think you'll be rewarded with a unique and fun game experience.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Field of Battle 2nd Edition - Custom Cards - Card Front Options

After getting a couple of sample decks of the previous leather/binding background, I decided it looked a bit too modern and "corporate".   So - here are the three finalists for the card front:

So - please take a look and vote, either by posting comments or by emailing me directly at .

I'm a bit more partial to the 2nd and 3rd options, but I'll go with whatever the majority prefers.

Friday, March 28, 2014

New FoB2 Cards - Card Front Example

Let's try this again - here's a sample of the leather binding card front:

What do you think?

New Version of FoB2 Cards

Having printed up a set of the FoB2 cards I previously previewed, I wanted to try something different.  I wasn't satisfied with the legibility or style of the earlier version.   I want the FoB2 cards to reflect the horse and musket period, similar to the way the marble/Alexander images and texture evoke a mood for the Pulse of Battle cards.

Hmmm.   I think of the cards almost as orders or order opportunities in the game.   Orders were written in an order book, probably at some point the result of referring to a map, from a map case - and a book and case would be:  leather bound! 

So - I tried a texture showing a leather binding style, and I like it!  I also changed the card back to make the title more visible, and more intense (red) representing the drama and tension of conflict.

So, here are a couple of samples:

Argh.   I still can't get multiple images to load.   I'll post the card front example in a new post.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Field of Battle 2nd Edition Cards

Preview of the card faces:

Field of Battle 2nd Edition Card Preview

I created a sample FoB2 card deck for my use, review, and editing process.   A couple of the cards are shown below.  If you have any comments, I'd be glad to hear them!

Stupid Blogger - can't get a post with more than one image.  I'll post another image in a post to follow.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Field of Battle WW1 Released as PDF!

I'm pleased to announce that in this, the 100th anniversary year of the start of WW1, we are releasing Pat Wingfield's new rule set "Field of Battle WW1" in PDF format. It is available for $19, payable to me directly via PayPal to .

The rules cover 1914-1918. More details from Pat:

These rules are written to allow the players to recreate Corps and higher level battles of WWI. They use battalions as the combat element, brigades or regiments as the maneuver element and divisions as the command level. While designed with 6mm figures in mind the rules will work well with any size of figure. The ground scale is 1” to 100yds.
This set of rules started life as an attempt to simply modify the Field of Battle WWII rules to reflect conditions some 25 years earlier. However, the troop density and the change in technology, military thought and tactics during WWI means these rules have many differences to the WWII set, while retaining the overall concept.
Innovations in these rules include the use of battalions as the combat element in open field operations but company level units within trenches. There are also simple but effective pre-offensive bombardment rules that may make all the difference to the success or failure of an assault.
Organization Tables, that are segregated by nationality and year of operation, are supplied for the main protagonists.
There are also a large number of examples and designers notes to help the players pick up the rule mechanics.
The rules are supplied as a pdf and the contents page and internal references are all hyperlinked allowing easy rule reference finding. While the rules have been produced so that they are convenient to use on a tablet computer they can also be printed as a hard copy.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Les Grognards, 2nd Edition, Available as PDF File

Les Grognards, 2nd Edition is now available as a PDF for $15, payable to me via PayPal at . Les Grognards is a "classic Piquet" supplement, covering the Napoleonic wars.

LG2 includes rules for 3 different game scales: Company scale (basic infantry unit is a company), Battalion scale (the infantry unit is a battalion), and Grand Tactical scale (infantry unit is a brigade/regiment). LG2 also includes Horizon Moveent rules for the Battalion and Grand Tactical scale games. Horizon Movement eliminates virtually all measuring for movement, with movement instead based on terrain and enemy unit positions. The rules include lists for 37 armies as well as rating recommendations. Ownership of the Master rules is required.