Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Field of Battle 2nd Edition Cards

Preview of the card faces:


  1. These look OK, more or less like the designs for Pulse of battle. I'm not sure this pattern works as well for FoB as it does for PoB, plus I think it makes the text in the lower box harder to read. I wonder if a more "Horse and Musket" design with cleaner text might be better (i.e., such as a "trophy of arms" between the text boxes, or as a "wallpaper" in the background. Just a few thoughts....

  2. I'd like a flashing light and siren on the Tactical Advantage card too, designed to come on, when face up, in my initiative whenever a Move, Melee or Leadership card is turned ... :-)

  3. Thanks for the comments - I'll play around with a background, although in other cards I've made, it tends to distract the eye and make the card "busy". The font size for the bottom text group is limited by the biggest content card - I'd prefer to keep them similarly sized over the deck of cards rather than vary, as that introduces quite a bit of variation and visual difference. I'll test some options and see what I can come up with!